Firearms and Militaria Auction Day Two

Firearms and Militaria Auction Day Two

Antique and Modern, Collectible, Sporting, Edged Weapons, More

Saturday, December 8, 2018 - 10:00am

Preview Friday and Saturday 8 AM through Auction
1500 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, PA 17104

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FRIDAY DECEMBER 7 at 10 AM Uncataloged Lots 10 AM-1 PM Many Large and Varied Lots. All Categories!  Catalog for Select Lots 1-3 PM

AMMO:Massive and Varied Amount, Most Calibers and Gauges; Bandolier Tins. MILITARIA: Uniforms; Medals; Bayonets; Swords; Insignia; Patches. RELOADING: Powder; Large Selection Dies; Bullets; Casings; Mec 600 Jr Shotgun Press. ACCESSORIES/PARTS: Holsters; Gun Cases; Scopes; Gun Stocks; Clips; M1 Parts. OTHER: Traps; Fishing Lures and Rods; Camping Equipment; Taxidermy; Game News (50 issues dating from 1985-1990); Ammo Boxes; Prints; Gun Cabinets & Safes; Swords; Knives; Clay Targets; Tactical Gear; Horns. EDGED WEAPONS:  German Hunting; US Officer’s Swords; Samurai Swords; Bayonets; Dress Swords; Spotting Scopes; More! MILITARY COLLECTIBLES: Rare WWI Purple Heart; Doughboys Helmets; Third Reich Tinnies and Medals; SS Belt; Luftwaffe Belt; WWI Photo Albums incl Airplanes, Artillery, Battle; Kollmorgen Ships’ Spyglass;  More. VINTAGE FISHING LURE COLLECTION: Early 1900’s to Modern. Creek Chub; Heddon; Pfluger; Paw Paw; South Bend; Shakespeare; Millsite; L&S; Arbogast; Helin; and Others. PRINTS: Ned Smith; M. Kuntsler; JP Straw; Dale Gallon; D. Stivers. OTHER: Taxidermy; Decoys.

SATURDAY DECEMBER 8 at 10 AM   400+ Cataloged Lots

ANTIQUE:  Fancy Middle Eastern Long Guns; Colt Army; Winchester M1873 Atlanta Police; Francotte  Knock-About Gun. MILITARY LONG GUNS:  Italian Carcanos; Mauser G 33/40 Carbine; M1 Garands; US Springfield M1922 M2; Rem M1917; WWII Tokarev; M1 Carbine. MILITARY HANDGUNS:  Type 94 Nambu; 12+ Sauer & Sohn Model 38H; 3 Mauser Broomhandles; M1911 A1 Pistols; Makarovs; Japanese Type 26; Mauser Mod HSC; Colt Commando; Webley Mark VI; Mauser M1914; Radom V15 Model 35; Femaru; Lugers; Walther AC43 P38; Russian TT33.  LONG GUNS: Marlin Golden 39 A .22, Win Mod 70 .270; Win Mod 1200 Tact 12 Gauge; Win Model 43 Bolt Rifle in 218 Bee Caliber; Springfield Armory Inc MIA; FN-Fal  Semi-Auto in .308 Cal; Rem Model 700; Ruger Mini 14; Chinese SKS ; Marlin 336 A; Colt AR 15; Savage M1933; Rem 870 TB Trap Gun; Pre-1964 Winchester Model 94’s; Winchester Model 24 Side by Side 16 Ga; Marlin Papoose Take Down; Charles Daly Miroku O/U. HANDGUNS: S&W M60-1; S&W M57-1; Colt 1908; Savage M1907; Colt Python .357 Cal; Ruger Vaquero 45 Cal; S&W Model 5906 9 MM Cal; Colt Diamondback .22 Cal; S&W Model 57 .41 Magnum Cal; Two Colt Gov M Series 70’s; Browning Hi-Power 9 mm Cal; Taurus: “The Judge,” PT 92’s 9mm Cal; Kel-Tec P32 ; Kel-Tec P3 AT ; Browning Challenger .22 Semi-Auto and Many More.

Featuring Firearms and Accessories from the Carson Long Military Academy (1836 - 2018)

4 Pennsylvania Long Rifles: Perry County: John Schuler; Daniel Crum; William Sweger; Lancaster Style. Long Guns: M1903 Springfield Parade Nickel; 6 M1903 A3 Remingtons; 13 M1903 Smith Coronas incl Parade Rifles; 2 US M1903 Springfields; 2 S&W Model M&P 15/22; M1A .308 Cal; US M1917 Eddystone. Match Rifles: 9 Anschutz Model 54 .22 Cal; Rem .22 LR; Win M52 and M75; Savage Model 1933 .22. Shotguns: Elwell London; Manhattan Arms Co. Other Guns: Incl Parts Guns, Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor (modified), Italian Sharps, Italian Mod 1823 11MM; Japanese Type 99; Springf M1903; 13 M1903 Spring Actions.


Sponsored by Harrisburg Hunters and Anglers

Applicable Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out of state checks w/ prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off of Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.