Cordier Auctions Spring Firearms and Militaria Auction to Feature Antique and Collectible Long Arms, 19th Century Collectibles, and Replica Artillery Collection

March 6, 2015

On March 29, 2015, Cordier Auctions will hold its Spring Firearms & Militaria Auction at 1500 Paxton Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Highlights of the sale include firearms from The Estate of George C. Hartsock of Jonestown, items from Civil War veteran John Hamilton (1843-1921), and a replica artillery collection. The sale will offer antique, military, and modern handguns and long guns, edged weapons, military collectibles, and related art.

Antique handguns feature a Savage Revolving Firearms Company Navy model revolver (estimate $600-$800), an 18th century French flintlock Derringer, and a James Reid Model 2 revolver. Modern collectible handguns will include two Smith & Wesson model 19 Pennsylvania State Police 75th Anniversary Commemoratives (estimate $600-$800) and a Standard Cone Hammer Model 1896 Broomhandle Mauser (estimate $1,500-$2,000). Military handguns will feature two Colt 1911 pistols made in 1918 (estimate $800-1,200), a Webley Mark IV revolver, and a Walther AC-44 P-38 pistol.

Long guns will follow the handguns, including a U.S. Springfield model 1861 identified to Private George Aichele of Company B, 124th Infantry Regiment, Pennsylvania. Other antique rifles to be sold include the U.S. Springfield models 1870, 1873, 1884, and 1896. Rare collectible long arms to be offered include a Winchester model 42 shotgun in .410 gauge ($800-$1,200) and a Winchester model 36 shotgun in 9mm rimfire ($500-$800). Modern long guns will feature sporting rifles from Remington, Winchester, Marlin and Savage among others as well as sporting shotguns from Remington, Mossberg, L.C. Smith, and more.

Edged weapons will include Cavalry swords and German NCO Presentation swords, a Collins & Co. 1840, and an early 19th century C.V. Keller sword and scabbard (estimate $600-$800), and an 1860 pattern Cavalry sword ($400-$600).

A collection of replica artillery pieces will also be offered, featuring a 24 pound French Siege mortar of the Greibeuval design with a 16 inch barrel machined from single billet and 10 competition zinc balls (estimate $4,000-$5,000). Also offered will be a late 1700’s replica of a full scale 1 pound naval cannon with a 36 inch barrel (estimate $2,000-$3,000). Other artillery pieces range in size and include a 1/3 scale parrot rifle with a 25 inch barrel (estimate $1,500-$2,500), and a 4 inch Bore Mortar of French design with a 13 inch barrel (estimate $1,000-$1,500).

Among the collectibles will be a First City Troop Cavalry Jacket from the Spanish American Wars (estimate $500-$700) attributed to Sergeant William E. Bates, who served in Puerto Rico. A Post Civil War/Early Indian Wars U.S. Cavalry shell jacket (estimate $500-$700) will also be offered, as well as a late 19th century Marine Corp dress tunic. Other collectibles include books from the library of John Hamilton (1843-1921), a Civil War veteran from Juniata County. Amongst these are Modern Cavalry by Lt. Col. George Denison, a Field Manual of Courts-Martial by Captain Coppee, and Sabre Strokes of the Pennsylvania Dragoons, War of 1861-1865 by T.F. Dornblaser. Other collectibles feature WWI and WWII memorabilia including German banners, insignia, medals, and a Jolly Rogers book from the Pacific theater.

A full online catalog of the auction is available by visiting Questions can be directed to Cordier Auctions & Appraisals at [email protected] or by calling 717-731-8662.

Savage Revolving Firearms Company Navy Model Revolver ($600-800)
Savage Navy Model Revolver
Indian Wars and Spanish American War Cavalry Jackets
Cavalry Jackets

Late 1700’s Replica of a Full Scale 1 Pound Naval Cannon ($2,000-3,000)

Replica of 1 Pound Naval Cannon

Standard Cone Hammer Model 1896 Broomhandle Mauser ($1,500-2,000)

Broomhandle Mauser