Cordier Combats Low Voter Turnout

October 30, 2018

Harrisburg area business owner David Cordier has announced that his company will be providing employees with two hours of paid time off on voting day to encourage voter turnout.

Although Pennsylvania has no laws requiring that companies provide paid time off, Cordier said that “We wanted to do what we can to support our employees in participating in the election process. This seemed like the best option.”

Asked about the new policy, Cordier Auctions’ director of catalog and specialty auctions Melanie Hartman said “I love it! Personally, I think voting day should be a national holiday, but I think change is going to have to come from the private sector.”

There has been a move recently among nation-wide companies to provide time off for employees to vote in an effort to raise the United States’ historically low turnout rates. In 2014, the proportion of voters who participated in the midterm elections was just 36%.

Cordier Auctions employees 15 full time staff at their Paxton Street, Harrisburg location. The program was announced to employees on Thursday, October 18th.