July 21, 2016

Active online, floor, and absentee bidding pushed many lots of the auction to realize significant prices, raising a total of almost $65,000 for the museum commission. Among the highest performing lots was a 1909 Zimmerman Touring Car, which was one of only 12 extant Zimmermans known and the only known Touring Car. Interested bidders volleyed over the historic car before it finally hammered down at $26,000. At a hammer price of $2,300, a 19th Century New England Mail Sleigh was also a standout.

Other exciting pieces included an 18th Century edition of Martyr’s Mirror ($900) deaccessioned from the Ephrata Cloister, an early poster of Rome ($600), antique Charcoal Buggies ($475 each), and a painting attributed to DeWitt C. Boutelle, a 19th century Pennsylvania artist, which brought $750.

The PHMC contracted Cordier to auction items that had no special significance to the history of the Commonwealth, or that duplicated what was already in the state’s collection.

Prior to being consigned for sale, the objects were offered to other PHMC properties as well as other historic museums state and nationwide.  Money raised from the auction can only be used to buy or conserve artifacts that enhance the PHMC's mission of preserving the Commonwealth's natural and cultural heritage as steward, teacher and advocate for the people of Pennsylvania.

The items were formerly held at the Anthracite Heritage Museum, Cornwall Iron Furnace,  Ephrata Cloister, Fort Pitt Museum, Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, and Washington Crossing Historic Park.