May 28, 2015

Firearms, including an early 19th century European made percussion rifle and a James Reid Pocket Model 2 revolver drew attention from buyers both in the room and online at Cordier Auctions’ Spring 2015 Firearms and Militaria Auction.  More than 250 lots of antique, collectible, and modern hand and long guns including the collection of George Hartsock of Jonestown were offered on March 29 at the company’s auction house at 1500 Paxton Street, Harrisburg.  Prices quoted are hammer prices.

The sale featured antique and modern firearms, edged weapons, military collectibles, and sporting collectibles. Early lots of antique handguns included a rare James Reid Pocket Model 2 revolver in excellent condition which sold for $1,000 on an estimate of $600-800.  A Savage Revolving Arms Co. Navy Model revolver sold to the internet for $900 after spirited bidding.

Collectible handguns featured a Standard Conehammer Broomhandle Mauser in 7.63 mm caliber which sold for $1,400.  Colts remained strong, with a 1911 Pistol .45 ACP selling for $1,500 to an internet bidder after heavy competition. Among the modern handguns, a Smith & Wesson model 63-4 revolver with an unusual 5 inch barrel brought $600, while a FN Herstal model five-seven-IOM pistol in 5.7X28mm caliber hammered down at $900 on a $400-600 estimate.


In antique long guns, an early 19th century Hese-Hanau Fry-Core Type rifle sold for $1,200.  This rare European made single shot muzzle loading percussion rifle sold to an online buyer in Europe after heavy bidding both online and in the room.  A US Springfield Name Identified Model 1861 musket with “G. AICHELE / CO. B 214 REG” carved in the stock sold to a bidder in the room for $1,900.


Among the collectible long guns were two Springfield Armory M-1 Garands – the first was a .30-06 in excellent condition which sold for $1,700 on an estimate of $800-1,000.  The second, a Tanker in .30-06 caliber sold for $1,400.  In modern long guns, Winchesters commanded attention; a model 42 shotgun in .410 gauge sold for $900 following heavy internet and floor bidding.  A Winchester pre-64 model 70 rifle sold to the internet for $1,200.


Early 19th Century Hesse-Hanau Fry-Core Type Rifle ($1,200)

Early 19th C Hesse-Hanau
Fry-Core Type Rifle

FN Herstal Model Five-Seven-IOM Pistol ($900)

FN Herstal Model
Five-Seven-IOM Pistol

James Reid Pocket Model 2 Revolver ($1,000)

James Reid Pocket Mod 2 Rev

Smith & Wesson Model 63-4 Revolver with 5 inch Barrel ($600)

S & Wesson Model 63-4 Rev 
 Springfield Armory M-1 Garand ($1,700)
Springfield Armory M-1 Garand
Winchester Pre-64 Model 70 Rifle ($1,200)
Winchester Pre-64 Mod 70 Rifle