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Buying Art, Firearms, or Real Estate at auction can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

We welcome you to join us at all of our many varied auctions. Visit our Current Events page to view our upcoming auctions and other events. If you cannot join us live at the auction, we do offer absentee bidding in all auctions as well as phone and Internet bidding in select auctions. Please Contact Us for more information or to register for upcoming auctions.

We accept cash, Pennsylvania checks, debit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Out of state checks with prior approval only. Please view each auction's details page for more information including buyer's premium rates.

Absentee, phone and Internet bidders are responsible for the shipping of their items. If you would like a shipping quote prior to an auction, please contact the shipper below. Be sure to include the lot number and/or item name.

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We are interested in a wide variety of antiques, art, and collectibles from antiquities to contemporary pieces. While age is important, there are many factors involved in the desirability of an item including rarity, market interest and provenance.

Please review the following categories for more information, then Contact Us to arrange an evaluation of your items or join us at our Open Appraisal Day.

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For a free estimate on items you would like to find out about seling at auction, email us photos and include your name, contact information, location, and as many details as possible about your items including the age, material, provenance, and how many pieces you have.



Fine Art

Oil paintings, watercolors, prints, drawings, lithographs, sculptures, bronzes, old frames, photographs.

W. Baum (Am. 1884-1956) $46,000

W. Baum (Am. 1884-1956)

Lancaster Trinket Box $9,000

Lancaster Trinket Box

Folk Art

Weathervanes, carvings, portraits, paintings & drawings, Tramp Art, furniture, decoys, decorated stoneware, Fraktur, interesting & unusual naïve objects.

Folk Art Painted Chest, $250,000

Folk Art Painted Chest

Christian Strenge Fraktur, $6,000

Christian Strenge Fraktur


Furniture All Periods

Highboys, blanket chests, dressers, tables, chairs, bookcases, china cabinets, buffets, cupboards, marble tops, wicker, mirrors, dining room & bedroom sets, high quality reproductions.

Egyptian Revival Mirror  $7,000

Egyptian Revival Mirror

Minitaure Chest Cumb. Co. $7,750

Minitaure Chest Cumb. Co.

Mid-Century Modern (1920-1980)

Furniture, decorative arts, lighting, art glass, pottery & porcelain, designer pieces, retro.


Table, hanging, hurricane, lanterns, porcelain, floor lamps, chandeliers, glass shades.


Antique, semi-antique, and modern. Oriental, Persian, Indian, room-size and small.


Asian Arts

Porcelain & ceramics, ivory, cinnabar, jade, woodblock prints, snuff bottles, carvings, weapons, cloisonne.

Chinese Snuff Bottle  $15,000

Chinese Snuff Bottle

Cinnibar Box on Stand  $5,500

Cinnibar Box on Stand

Native American

Pottery, jewelry, rugs, blankets, beadwork, artwork and drawings.


Masks, weapons, carvings and figures.



Gold, silver, diamonds, gemstone, costume, semi-precious stones, all kinds, any condition.

Silver Tea Caddy  $6,000

Silver Tea Caddy

5.86 Carat  $33,000

5.86 Carat


Pocket watches, wristwatches, travel watches, timepieces.


Grandfather, mantle, shelf, wall, wind up and electric clocks.

Sterling & Plate

Tea sets, flatware, vases, silverware, serving pieces, hollowware.


Pottery & Stoneware

Art pottery, figurines, tiles, vases, bowls, crocks, jugs, planters.

John Bennet Vases  $9,000

John Bennet Vases

18.5 Inch Cut Glass Vase  $23,000

18.5 Inch Cut Glass Vase


Dishes, plaques, figurines, statues.


Art glass, Early American pattern glass, cut glass, Depression, paperweights.



All, antique, military, modern, black powder, rifles, revolvers, pistols, muskets, shotguns, handguns, curios and relics, war trophies, custom, deer rifles, target rifles, air rifles, foreign military, US military, Colt, Winchester, Smith and Wesson, Parker, any make or model.

Browning Shotgun 12 Ga. $1,700

Browning Shotgun 12 Ga.

Lehigh Co. Long Rifle  $11,000

Lehigh Co. Long Rifle

Militaria All Eras

Guns, ammunition, knives, swords, edged weapons, uniforms, photographs, manuals, flags, pouches, holsters, logbooks, diaries, medals, decorations, ephemera, trench art.

Collection of Civil War Letters  $1,900

Collection of Civil War Letters

S.E. Stilwell Remington  $5,500

S.E. Stilwell Remington

Swords & Knives

Hunting knives, pocket knives, gentleman's knives, military knives, collectible (Randall, Buck, Case, Schrade, Remington), custom made knives, exotic handle materials and presentation knives and swords. All eras of swords, medieval to modern, Japanese swords, military swords, civil war swords, fighting knives, bayonets.

Civil War Confederate Sword $5,000

Civil War Confederate Sword

Short Sword  $1,600

Short Sword

Sporting, Hunting, Fishing

Taxidermy, decoys, equipment, wildlife art & prints, reloading supplies and equipment, gunsmith tools, books and ephemera, fishing tackle and rods, hunting and fishing licenses.

Signed Powder Horn  $2,500

Signed Powder Horn

Six Decoys  $3,000

Six Decoys


Books & Documents

Books, autographs, photographs, manuscripts, magazines (pre-1945), postcards, posters, deeds, ledgers, etc.

G. Washington Signed Letter  $9,500

G. Washington Signed Letter

W. Churchill Signed Photo  $1,600

W. Churchill Signed Photo


Advertising, broadsides, signs, booklets, pamphlets, calendars, etc.


Toys & Dolls

Dolls, iron & tin toys, wind-up, children’s items, cars, trucks and other vehicles, board games, puzzles, penny & mechanical banks, marbles.

Lehman Cyclist  $1,300

Lehman Cyclist

Lionel Trolley  $2,350

Lionel Trolley

1958 #850 Barbie in OB $2,700

1958 #850 Barbie in OB

Dollhouse & Furniture $1,200

Dollhouse & Furniture

Lehmann Tin Rickshaw $1,700

Lehmann Tin Rickshaw $1,700

Sturditoy Coal Car $1,500

Sturditoy Coal Car

Coin-Op, Vending, Drugstore

Coin operated machines, arcade machines, cash registers, juke boxes, drugstore and soda fountain.

Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank, $2,900

Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank


All gauges, pre- and post-war Lionel, Marx, American Flyer, HO brass locomotives, rolling stock, accessories.

Ives 1134 freight set $6,000

Ives 1134 freight set

Lionel 199 Ives derrick $5,500

Lionel 199 Ives derrick


Coins & Currency

Ancient to modern, US and foreign, gold, silver, commemoratives, mint and proof sets, medallions, medals, currency including large size and Confederate.

1840-C $5  $8,000

1840-C $5

1996 4 Piece Proof Set  $1,100

1996 4 Piece Proof Set


Albums, US and foreign, commemoratives.



Masonic, fraternal orders, police, firefighting.

Sparton Bluebird Radio  $2,250

Sparton Bluebird Radio

Manos Novelty Co. Dipper  $4,500

Manos Novelty Co. Dipper

Scientific & Medical

Apothecary, microscopes, telescopes, medical instruments, scales.

Nautical & Transportation

Nautical, scrimshaw, ocean liner, airline, automobile related and gas station, railroad.

Clothing & Textiles

Vintage clothing and accessories, old buttons, old eyeglasses, linens, quilts, needlepoints and samplers, walking canes.


Sports and baseball items, beer steins, bottles, cameras, Christmas decorations, writing instruments and fountain pens, Hummels, limited editions, models, musical instruments, music boxes, promotionals, radios, signs.

Real Estate

Sell your property at auction!

Looking for Commercial, Residential, and Agricultural Properties, Land, and Estates.

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Sold $230K

Sold $230K

Sold $425K

Sold $425K