Firearms and Militaria Auction Day One

Firearms and Militaria Auction Day One

Bid Live or Online

Saturday, March 23, 2019 - 10:00am

Saturday and Sunday 8 am thru Auction
1500 Paxton St Harrisburg Pa 17104

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SATURDAY MARCH 23 at 10 AM Taxidermy, Knives, Ammunition, Reloading Accessories, More:

LOVELESS 4DR DROP POINT HUNTING KNIFE SN266 with pouch style sheath. TAXIDERMY: African and North American. Shoulder mounts incl elephant, white rhino, water buffalo, more. Full mounts incl leopard, mountain lion, Himilayan Tahr, impala, serval, More. AMMUNITION: 100s of boxes. GI Ammo cans fill of common and hard to find incl .50 BMG, GI 5.56, .308, .378 & .270 Wthby Mag, 7.62x51, .375 H&H, .338 Win Mag, More. Cases incl Wolf 7.62x39 HP, Federal XM33C, More. RELOADING: RCBS, Hornady, Lee dies incl .284 Win & .264 Win mag, tumbler. SCOPES: Leopold, Bausch & Lomb, Steiner 12x40 binoculars. BB& PELLET GUNS: Daisy Vint Pistol, Legend M712, Gamo 1200, More. KNIVES: Collector and Military incl Loveless 4DR. ACCESSORIES: 100s of magazines and clips, lead sled. GUN SAFES: 3 Winchester Model TS-22, Centurion. MISC:  Ordnance, Military books Civil War thru WWII, uniforms; medals; insignia; pins; badges; Japanese prayer flag; USN bayonet dummy rifle; medical kits; More.


SUNDAY MARCH 24 at 10 AM Firearms and Edged Weapons:

ANTIQUE: Remington rolling blocks incl “American Boy Scout”, British Pattern & Springfield muskets, SxS muzzleloaders, U.S. “Artillery” Colt Peacemaker, DFC marked; S. North flintlock pistol 1821; E. Whitney U.S. 1855 “Mississippi” pattern rifle; More. HANDGUNS: Remington Rand M1911 A1 US Army .45; Smith & Wesson incl M22A-1 and .357 mag Highway Patrolman, Model 34-1 in box ; FP45 “Liberator” .45 ACP; Jo-Lo-Ar, Eibar Spain; Colt Combat Commander (satin) in 9mm & .45 ACP; Reising .22 auto with box; Third Reich Femaru pistol, JHV with holster & mag; Remington M RP9 .9mm Luger; Original 1894 Colt .38 Army revolver; 1917 Colt .45 revolver; 7.62x38mm Russian Nagant revolver, rolling block pistols, More. LONG GUNS: Rare Underwood Experimental M1 Carbine; Remington incl Model 4-S “Military Model”, M1889 Grade 1 SxS 12ga Shotgun; Winchester incl Model 12 riot gun, Model 1897 trench gun with U.S. marks; Model 19 NRA Savage .22 match rifle; U.S. Springfield .22 M2 rifles (modified and unmodified); Japanese Arisaka type 99, 7.7 Cal; M1896 Krag rifle & carbine; L.C. Smith SxS; Stevens; J.C. Higgins; WWII Russian Tokarev; Savage; Pedersoli; More. EDGED WEAPONS: Knives; German daggers incl original SS in scabbard,bayonets; German swords; Civil War swords & sabers; machetes, Samurai swords, More.

Applicable Buyer’s Premium. Terms: Cash, PA checks. Out of state checks w/ prior approval. All major credit cards accepted. Food concession. Located off of Interstate 83 between 13th Street and 17th Street exits.