Firearms & Militaria Auction

Firearms & Militaria Auction

Sunday, March 21, 2021 - 10:00am

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Antique, Modern, Military Firearms; Ammunition; Edged Weapons; Militaria; Taxidermy

ANTIQUE:  KY Long Rifle Signed John Armstrong; Silver Mounted Half Stock KY Rifle; Flint Fowler with Ketland Lock; Enfield 1853 Type 3; Remington-Ellito Deringer; Allen’s Patent 1845 Pepperbox Pistol. MILITARY: M1D Garand with M84 Scope; GEW 98 Mauser from Spandau & Steyr; M1 Carbine, Inland, Early Config; Japanese Type 99 with matching bolt; Norwegian M1914 11.25mm; Russian Nagant 1930; Colt 1911. LONG GUNS:Win Mod 61 in OB; Cogswell & Harrison “Avant Tout” 12 ga SG; Rem Mod 700 cal 270; Ruger M77, Mk II in 7mm mag; Mossberg M46B with factory 4x scope & mount; Benelli Super Nova 12 ga mag Tactical Shotgun; Ruger M77 Mk II 7mm Mag; Sig Sauer M400 5.56 NATO. HANDGUNS: Kimber Micro 9 Nightfall in OB; Kimber Master Carry Pro .45 in OB; Glock 17 Gen 4 in OB; Russian Nagant 1930; Thompson Center G2 Contenders; Smith & Wesson Air Lite Model 296; Sig Sauer P220 ST & P229; Colt 1903 Reissue; Walther PPQ Q5. EDGED WEAPONS: Bayonets incl U.S., German, Japanese, Spanish-American War; German WWII Dress Bayonet; Horstmann & Sons Officer’s Sword; model 1913 WWI Patton U.S. Cavalry Sabre; German WWII Derffinger Pattern Sword; 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger; William Henry Nihoa Pocket Knife; WWII Katana. TAXIDERMY: Zebra; Leopard; Buffalo; Coyote. MILITARIA: USAF Flight Jacket; Insignia incl German; Medals; Canteens; Ordnance; Civil War Era Drim; CVA Cannon. AMMO: Hundreds of boxes, all types.

Applicable Buyer’s Premium. Curbside Pick Up BY APPOINTMENT. 1500 Paxton St, Harrisburg, PA.